2 things I learnt from the Paul Barron!

May 15, 2018

  1. We are on the wrong place. Unfortunately Perth is not the best city where do you want to stay to doing films. All main film production is strongly focused into Sydney. Anyway, if you still want to stay in Perth, here is good situation for making documents. Other advantage in Perth is to focus your energy and find job opportunity in Asia (Singapore). It´s closer than Sydney and conditions for filmmakers are positive there.


  2. New filmakers have different approach than in the past. May we can say we have some kind of issues in nowadays.

    Why? In nowadays a lot of filmakers shoots the same scene from few different angles, but they never use all of them. This can be intention, but also unconscious what should be the result film.

    Why is this wrong or not? It´s ok, because we can get wider opportunity during final edit and try more different cuts of the same scene. Anyway this approach cost more money, more time and usually it´s not necesery.

    Nowadays filmakers should firstly focus more on the screenplay and be sure they really understand what about the screenplay is and that they know what to shoot and what shots are required for final film. This approach could lead to safe budget and also safe time on the set.











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