Nick Sandler

November 23, 2018

Tell me about 2 things you learnt from the Nic Sadler talk!


Nick remind me myself a bit. He is specialized in camera, but he also do absolutely different job as making a phone apps. I'm doing basically the same. I'm study film at Tafe, want to be editor and try camera or different roles in film, but i'm doing webdesign and mobile app design last 7 years.


It’s necessary to stay aware and still be in progress of your skills. It is also important to learn new things even if they are not related to your current job. Depend what do you like and want.


Tell me about 1 THING you might be motivated to DO after listening to Nic Sadler!

For my it's basically that creativity what cinematographer has. You can build every image in the film, that is exciting and absolutely limitless ability. Of course there are edges about genre or budget, or directors vision, but it is still very creative job.

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