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November 23, 2018

What interesting things did you learn about financing film, TV and digital ideas in Australia and Perth from those websites? 


It’s kind of interesting that if you want start you have to have at least some course or a degree. I thought and I'm pretty sure, that in film industry is a heaps of people which doesn't have any degree or qualification to do job in film industry, but they just do it, because they are just talented and skilled with creative brain. Anyway I cover this, because I'm going to graduate from TAFE.


Networking as a one of most important fact about film industry. You need know people for another jobs, but not as much as for doing film. Film is about people, you can't do film alone. You need clever and talented people with passion! And as much as people you know as easier is to pick to correct ones for particular project and make successful projects. You can know good actor, but he is for instance suitable for comedy, but not for drama, so you need find other actor. But if you already know bunch of actors, it's such a easier to pick one. What is easier is less time consuming and time is money!



Based on what you have read and learnt, outline an idea you have for a film, TV or digital product and how you could receive finances to fund this idea. Tell me about it!


The best, but not easiest way is to go and get job in a house production, That’s a great start, because they have money, and people to make the project. But you have to have great and also unique idea to get them on your  side and finance your project.


Other option is just to make small project with bunch of friend, make it as good as possible and sign your project in festivals. Festivals are good places where to present your film and find people who are interested in your film and they may are willing to invest for your next film or extend your current film.


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