Ross Tinney

November 23, 2018

1. What did you learn from Ross Tinney’s talk?


I learned one important think, which is applicable generally in all our life's aspects. NEVER GIVE UP! Do you want achieve something great? Just work hard, be polite and friendly and try it over and over until you do that! 



2. What are your aims for next week, next month and next year?


My first plan is to extended my visa and find the best way how to stay in Australia for work.


Next step is to find job, in film industry or not, just earn money. If everything will go right I want to move to

Sydney or Melbourne to try live and work there and get the film opportunities what are there.


One of my plans is also to go to USA as I have good contact in Hollywood and just get experience from heart of Film - Hollywood. Even if like a cleaner :))



3/4 .Did you find keeping the diary, blog or blog useful? Why or why not.


Honestly I totally forgot update my blog regularly. Anyway I have to say, that is pretty fun to do blog about interesting thinks from film industry. It's useful because I can return back and get some information from blog and also for me it's great opportunity how to practice typing in English.  I'm thinking I will create separate Blog and start doing more serious topics.



5. Do you think you will look back on your blog next year or sometime in your future? Why or why not?

Yes I think I will, as we got few interesting people in classes at Tafe, So blog is for me a great place where to refresh my memories also in case when I will want to contact some people from industry to talk with them about work opportunities.





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